The Home for Girl’s Softball
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The Osceola Youth Softball League has been serving our  community for many years. In 1991, construction at the Oak Street  fields forced the girls softball team to relocate from Thacker Field,  which had been the home of the girls softball league for many  years, to Oren Brown Park.  An article from the Orlando Sentinel  suggested that this move could be the “demise” of the Osceola  Youth Softball League due to the loss in revenues.  Osceola Youth  Softball League is dependent on concession sales and community  sponsors to fund it’s league. Now twenty years later we are still  going strong and have made a new home here at Oren Brown Park.  With the help of all our unpaid volunteers, community sponsors, and  patrons we proudly serve, teach, and mentor youth from four to  eighteen years old.  
Osceola Youth Softball League Fall Reigistration is Full. We will start Spring Registration in January 2015 Details on News page
You will win games, celebrate, but don't ridicule your opponent.   You will lose games, you need to learn get over it. You will have setbacks, learn to work hard and overcome them.    It takes a team to win games, be part of your team and not a super star. You may mess up, it’s not the end of the world, you may think so at the time, but You will laugh about it tomorrow.  Play with integrity and respect your fellow players, not just those on your team.  Learn to follow the rules. Most important: Have Fun. All keys to not just succeding in softball, but in life as well.